Welcome to Investcor

Investcor is a private real estate and development company located in Austin Texas that is dedicated to providing real estate investment opportunities to high net worth individual and institutional clients.  Many of our investors are financially successful executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who would like to invest in real estate but lack the time, expertise and experience to correctly select, invest and manage their real estate investments on their own.

We are committed to building and protecting our client’s wealth by providing a diverse selection of opportunities, with regards to product, size and holding period.

Investcor maintains long term relationships with our clients through clear, consistent communication and complete transparency.  We are proud of the fact that we can attribute our growth due to all of our new investors who are referred to us by existing investors.

  • Acquisition Criteria

    Investcor meticulously filters through opportunities looking for properties that may be distressed, undervalued, and/or have a high yield.  In addition to looking for existing properties Investcor searches for high value locations to develop.

  • History

    Formed in 2008, Investcor was created as a company to take advantage of real estate opportunities in the central Texas region.  Starting with a lake front custom home development, and then quickly branching out to include the acquisitions and development of multi-family and commercial opportunities.

  • 🎯

    Target Markets

    Areas that have high population growth, high demand and short supply of the product being provided, low unemployment rates, relatively low cost of construction and a growth friendly city to approve necessary permits.

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    Investment Principles

    Buying based on underlying value and not speculation.  Invest with a margin of safety to mitigate risk during market downturns or unexpected circumstances.  Strict and meticulous underwriting to ensure accurate pro formas.  Clear, consistent and transparent communication with investors.

Investcor, LLC.